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What was I thinking with this picture? My poor dog.

What was I thinking with this picture? My poor dog.

That’d be awesome if Ingrid Michaelson toured with Taylor next year. GONNA BE HONEST HERE.

Then I change the station to music choice and “American Woman” (Lenny Kravitz version) is playing. Brings. Back. Memories. That excitement feeling. You guys know what I am talking about!

*touches the page* hello best friend.

*touches the page* hello best friend.

Yeah, Taylor will probably just become one of us. Then instead of a tour we will just get a gif chat concert. She will just throw a bunch of gifs together of herself. Maybe add some audio. OH GOD. IT COULD BE ACOUSTIC AUDIO. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!! Taylor. Take notes. (Notice how my attention went from trying to be all sarcastic funny, to realization of how awesome life would be) taylorswift

Anonymous asked: What would you do if Taylor baked you apple pie?

I would eat the pie of course, and put the crumbs into a plastic bag (that is if my dogs don’t beat me to the crumbs) and label it as the “Taylor Swift Apple Pie” and place it inside one of those football cases. Maybe have a few laser beams going around it, so when someone goes even near it a loud alarm will go off. 

edit: Oh and I will have my friends hiddlestonhug and jennifirlawrence guard it on rotation hours.

I sound horrible and thirsty here. But, if you guys reblog THIS and tag Taylor to help get her notice my horrible, lame edit. I will love you all forever, and will stop getting her to notice like this ever again, of course I will forever help people get noticed by her. Just sayin’. 

  • Mom: Taylor came out with "Shake it Off" at a good time. Everyone is using it for their promos for their new season premieres.

Shake it Off was playing on the view. YASSSSSSSSS. I think I may have scared my mom by my excitement. She needs to prepare herself.